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Pitta Patta New Zealand is a family business specialising in rear facing car mirrors and fibre optic night lights. Established in 2008, our Peek-a-Boo car mirror range was created when our New Zealand based mum found travelling in a vehicle with her newborn extremely stressful.  She couldn't find an infant car mirror that solved the issue of clearly being able to see that her baby was safe in the backseat of the car. As a result she was driven to produce her own, which not only provided a large, clear image of her rear-facing child but also one that was bright & colourful, providing entertainment for her baby. The Peek-a-Boo mirror was born and we now feature 4 different styles.

The Pitta Patta range now includes more than rear-facing car mirrors.  We are excited to announce that in November 2012 we launched our beautiful fibre optic night light range. The 'Bed Bug' night light range began in a quest for an innovative product to help our family's 4 year old son who struggled with settling into bed at night & who also suffered from night terrors.

Parenthood is a constant learning curve and the vast array of choices we are offered to assist us are overwhelming. We hope you enjoy what Pitta Patta has to offer and we’d love your feedback and welcome all enquiries.

We use quality fabrics and products designed with you and your baby's needs in mind.  Trialed and tested first in our own home we're sure you will find a Pitta Patta product that is right for you!

Warm wishes from

the Pitta Patta Team

    Karen Simpson
    Manging Director
    New Zealand | Australia
Steve Simpson
Sales Account Manager
New Zealand