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Operating Instructions

Set Up Steps

1. Remove the Bed Bug and Fibre Optic Wires from the packaging

2. Firmly place the round base of the fibre optic wires between your thumb and finger & slide the base through the opening of the Bed Bugs back until the base slides into the fibre optic unit

3. Gently fan out the fibre optic wires using your hands. The wires will soon fall into place

4. Place 3xAA batteries into the unit at the base of the Bed Bugs toy and secure the unit cover

5. Press the unit control button which is located as pictured on the right

6. Once turned on the unit will flash several times. Please press the control button to scroll through the different colour comberations

7. Press the unit control button again once the night light is no longer required.



•  Your Bed Bug Fibre Optic Night Light is not a toy

•  Place your Bed Bug out of the childs reach

•  Keep the unit away from water

•  Remove batteries from the unit if the Bed Bug will not be used for a long period