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Installation Instructions

Headrest Anchoring

1. Raise the headrest for optimal viewing and safety.

2. Place the beanbag over the headrest.

3. Wrap the string completely around the headrest then thread the string through the opening at the base of the Peek-a-Boo’s head and secure.

4. Pull up or down on the mirror adjustment strap to angle the mirror for optimal viewing.



Non-Headrest Anchoring

1. Use a large bath towel and fold it into a roll approximately 5” in diameter. Tie each end of the towel to maintain its shape.

2. Place the towel roll on the top of the back seat.

3. Wrap the string around the roll and bring ends together. Thread string through the button hole as you’re placing the bean bag over the roll. Pull tight to secure Peek-a-Boo mirror and roll together.

4. To secure Peek-a-Boo, tie the string to a car seat anchor point or to a safety pin on the rear deck.


• Attach headrest with string
• Keep mirror out of direct sunlight
• Position your Peek-a-Boo mirror before driving
• Keep string away from children
• Your Peek-a-Boo mirror is not a toy

 For maximum view and safety of your infant, placing Peek-a-Boo highest on the seat works best.
Please read the above directions carefully to achieve proper attachment.